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TeamAt Blue Shamrock Communications, we measure experience in decades. That way, we get to gloss over embarrassing nuances like Mary Kay’s spring, 1987 hairstyle – and our small business clients get the confidence that comes with:

Dedicated team of experienced service providers

One-on-one attention from BSC principal

Multi-channel marketing producers


Mary Kay Claus, principal

“Today’s small business customer crosses every media channel: Web, print and broadcast, as well as personal interaction. Business owners must be ready to meet their customer anywhere, and to present them with a clear, professional and unified message.”

As a small business owner with more than two decades of executive-level corporate and communications experience, Mary Kay offers a uniquely comprehensive perspective on achieving growth.

She served as director of marketing for one of the largest multimedia companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, managing corporate branding, marketing and public relations for the primary and satellite facilities.

Mary Kay became director of corporate operations management, and established a uniform operational protocol for all locations. She also advised facility managers on how best to leverage site-specific sales and marketing assets. During her tenure, annual revenue grew from $3 million to over $30 million.

Leveraging these skills with technical knowledge of various media formats, Mary Kay develops comprehensive, manageable marketing plans that help business, non-profit and association clients achieve the growth they desire.

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
Vienna Business Association (VBA)
Business Network International (BNI)
Vienna Business Network



James E. Sweeney, director of photography

My Job
Still photographer and television lighting director. I shoot color and black-and-white images for digital formats. My goal is to give clients professional shots that make their people, products and places look great to customers.

My Decades
I’ve been in production and photography for over 25 years. In terms of technology, that’s five video versions of The Godfather ago.

Before BSC
I’m lucky to be part of a strong freelance network in Washington, D.C. I’ve done lighting work for national television broadcasts and provided digital photography for corporate, media and non-profit clients.

I Like My Job Because …
Every day and every client is different, but I still get to show up and be creative with technology. It’s a great way to make a living.



Renee Sottong, senior copywriter

My Job
Copywriter. I organize and present information in various media formats with the goal of delivering key messages. Also, I’m inclined to reject Twitter because “UR” is not a word.

My Decades
Two, starting with sketch comedy and production scripts in Syracuse, NY. No good sight gags in that FEMA disaster training video, though. 

Before BSC
I’ve been a freelance copywriter for more than 10 years now, pausing infrequently for regular gigs with various media outfits: from high-priced consultants (serving Fortune 50 telecommunications giants and top-tier university law schools) to small agencies (specializing in technology firms).

Before that, I worked in production and post-production – mostly in account and project management, but occasionally as freelance technical crew. One highlight: dodging bullets in the deep woods while filming Michael Moore talking gun control with a wild pack of double-barreled congressional wives.

I Like My Job Because …
If small business is the spine of our economy, then supporting small business owners makes me America’s Chiropractor – and everyone knows that’s just one notch away from being America’s Sweetheart.


Michael Sottong, graphic designer, composer

My Job
Graphic designer, composer. I represent the client’s brand with professional imagery and sounds. At the same time, I make sure the media never gets in the way of the message.

My Decades
Closing in on three. I’ve been a professional musician since my teen years, which makes me unusually youthful for a guy who’s been working since the 80’s.

Before BSC
I spent six years on staff at one of the top three communications providers, doing graphic design, Web development and multimedia programming; and developed application interfaces with a state government vendor. I’ve also been a freelance designer and Web developer since 1999.

Music was my first professional pursuit, and I’ve composed and produced pieces for commercials, video games and long-format productions.

I Like My Job Because …
Everything I do is everything I love to do. Life is good that way.

Mike performs with local favorite King Teddy, a successful D.C.-based swing band.


"Mary Kay is authentic and truly cares about your success.  She takes the time to listen, understand your business and your desired outcomes.  She brings her unique perpspective and provides fresh ideas and solutions."

- Vinay Kumar, Principal, Vinay Kumar Associates

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