Marketing and Creative Services: Custom Blended to
Keep You Focused
Blue Shamrock Communications makes sense of modern marketing tools

Back in the good old days, reaching new customers meant hanging your shingle lower so that it hit more of ‘em in the head.

Blue Shamrock Services

Today, you’re monitoring customer feedback 24/7, staying interactive online and fighting for eyeballs with a logo that says,

“A team of scientists scaled a mountain of money –
and came down with this swirly thing.”

It’s enough to distract the average small business owner from actually running the business.


Four Ways BSC Helped Over 100 Small Business Clients Avoid Distractions, Achieve Growth and Hit More Customers in the Head (And, Yes, We Can Help You, Too)

So, it’s not the catchiest phrase we ever came up with. Still, it is a formula for marketing success:

  1. Media-savvy partners who know how small businesses reach customers
  2. Crony-free zone where you deal direct with our principal, every time
  3. Consistent, professional expression of your brand across every media format
  4. Custom blend of marketing tools that make sense for your business and budget

Our swinging shingle days may be past, but Blue Shamrock Communications continues to bring old-fashioned service values – honesty, integrity and general “bang for the buck” – to modern marketing techniques.

Call today. With nothing to lose, you have lots to gain.

Services we offer:

Graphic Design
Production Music

Exciting stuff we create:

Business cards
Corporate identity packages
Direct mail
Message development
Multimedia presentations
Original music
Press kits
Press releases and media follow-up


"“I’ve recently hired Mary Kay to provide my company with advertising materials.  I have been very impressed with the quality of her work and  her personal attitude while working with us.  I highly recommend her services.”

- Bill Wheelbarger, General Manager, Argent Heating and Cooling

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